How to complete the ‘River Outpost’ scenario in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign within Age of Empires.

This vide play through show you how to complete the River Outpost scenario in Age of Empires. The real objective is to show you how to extend government into new zones of the map.

The objective island is right in the middle of the map. You can’t really miss it as you will be being shot at as soon as you find it.

Fortunately the military challenges are very limited on this map - you need to conquer the island, but you will not otherwise come under attack.

Set your villagers to collect food, wood and gold from around your town centre in the ordinary way. You will need to build a dock, government centre and siege workshop as a minimum.

Once you have constructed the siege workshop, build a catapult. The catapult can fire at the nearest guard post on the island from your shore. Set it up and fire at the tower until destroyed.

Build a transport ship, and transport the catapult onto the island. Carefully destroy each tower, killing any lions and crocodiles when you get the chance to do so.

Use the transport to bring a gang of 5 villagers across, build a storage pit, and get the team to mine stone. Bring another gang of villagers across, and use them to build a town centre, and two watch towers.

Look to your town centre, and begin the civilisation upgrade.

Finally, look to your granary on the main island. Select the option to upgrade your watch tower to a sentry tower, and then to a watch tower. Once those upgrades complete, victory is yours!