How to complete the ‘Crusade’ or ‘Religion’ scenario in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign in Age of Empires.

The objective of the ‘Crusade’ or more recently politically correctly renamed ‘Religion’ scenario is to convert the enemy catapult to your side, and bring it back to your town centre alive. This video play through shows you how to complete that.

It is possible to complete this mission relatively quickly. Build up a large enough force of axemen, slingers and archers to hold off the enemy. Focus your priest on the catapult, and bring it back to the town centre while the battle rages.

This play through takes a much more conservative approach, making the village secure first, and then attacking. Set the villagers off at the outset to collect food, stone and wood in the usual manner. I used the stone to fortify the approaches to the village, and then mined the gold deposit to the East of the town centre - using this to upgrade the priest.

While doing so I had build up an army of axemen, slingers and archers, which I had grouped using Ctrl+1,+2 etc, and had allocated the priest his own group (3). Sending the first two groups East of the town centre they were soon engaged by the enemy. Spotting the enemy catapult I quickly selected my priest using the hotkey (3) that I had allocated, and trained him on the catapult. Onc the conversion is complete the catapult will happily help to slay remaining enemy forces while making its way slowly back to the town centre.