How to complete the ‘A Wonder of the World’ scenario from the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign in Age of Empires.

The objective of the ‘A Wonder of the World’ scenario is, unsurprisingly, to build a wonder - a pyramid in this case. This video play through demonstrates how to complete the scenario.

The end-term objective is to build a pyramid, and to do that you will need a stockpile of 1,000 each of wood, gold and stone.

To do that though you are going to have to take control of the ocean. You will need to obtain stone deposits from an island to the extreme of the map, and gold through trade.

You will come under attack from the sea very early in the game. Similar to the previous mission, start by turning your villagers to collecting wood, and your docks to building scout ships. Upgrade these scout ships to War Galleys as soon as you can, and again later in the game upgrade to Triremes and research catapult Triremes once available.

Once you have taken control of the seas you will probably not come under naval attack again (I did not). Position your boats to guard the approaches to your delta, and set them to stand ground.

Now you have a pretty free reign - set your villagers to food and wood production, and build trade ships to trade resources for gold with the two friendly (not red) docks to the East of the map. Take the opportunity to carry out the civilisation upgrade when it appears, and you should then have the option to construct the pyramid, which you can commence so long as you are holding the minimum resources set out above.

The construction will take quite a while though, so set as large a team as possible on it to speed things up.

Once the pyramid is built, victory is yours!