How to complete the ‘Naval Battle’ Scenario in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign in Age of Empires.

In the Naval Battle scenario, you need to retrieve the artefact being held by the enemy on the main island to the North of the map. This video play through shows you how to do it.

The immediate priority is to deal with the immediate naval threat building across the water - if you do not do this your own island will come under constant attack, making success much harder.

Set your villagers to collect wood. At the dock upgrade the Scout ship to War Galley, and build boats as quickly as you can collect wood. Once you have a force of 5-6 galleys, take them off to the North East of the map destroying any enemy boats and dock that you find while being careful to keep the galleys out of range of the enemy watch towers.

Once you have dismantled the enemy’s naval capability, use this force to remove any buildings and people that you can reach from the shore.

Back on your island, set your villagers to collecting and farming food, growing the population to collect the gold deposits.

At the dock build a light transport. Build a siege workshop, and produce a catapult. Build a Barracks with a couple of axemen and slingers.

Put these units on the light transport, and sail them to the landing area that your naval force has been carefully preserving. Use the catapult to destroy enemy buildings - starting with military infrastructure and then the watchtowers, while using the axemen and slingers to protect the catapult from direct attack. If you want to go faster, build a second group and send that across too.

You will find the artefact inside a walled area. Take control of it by moving one of your axemen close to it, escorting both back to the light transport ship. Send the ship back to your island and disembark it - and victory will be yours!