How to complete the ‘Siege of Canaan’ scenario of the Ascent of Egypt campaign in Age of Empires.

This video play through shows how to successfully complete the Siege of Canaan scenario in Age of Empires.

Unlike the most recent missions played, this scenario starts back at the beginning of time in the Stone Age.

The key to completing this task is developing your civilisation without discovery by the enemy until you are strong enough not to be overwhelmed by their incursion. As the enemy occupies a hill overlooking your village, with a guard tower, that is not especially easy to do.

To improve your chances of non-discovery move your starting forces back behind your barracks, and make sure that none of your village movements happen North of the barracks either.

Split your villagers between collecting wood (first at the South of your island, later to the East), and foraging. Advance the civilisation at the town centre once you have the resources to do so, and build a granary and marketplace so that you can transit your foraging villages to farming.

Build an archer range and stables, and advance the civilisation again once able to do so. Build a siege workshop and at this point, you have sufficient gold for 2 catapults - build them, and supplement your force of axemen, and add some slingers and more bowmen to it.

At this point, you are in a position to take control of your own island. Edge the two catapults north of your barracks, and take out the enemy guard tower once it comes into sight. Protect the catapults with your army, and train it on the large enemy force that will approach from both sides.

Once you have defeated this force, the enemy will not approach you on your island again. Build a gang of villagers, and construct a storage pit on the hill above your village, set the team to work collecting gold and stone.

Create a second Ganga of villagers, and do the same with the hill behind, which is also on the same island. You will now be accruing stone and gold rapidly - use it to procure every research that you can - particularly those from the government centre improving the range and alchemy of your catapults.

Take the opportunity to add another catapult or two to your force, and replenish your army where you lost resources in the earlier battle.

Once ready to attack the enemy island, slowly approach the water crossing. Use your catapults to demolish buildings, and your army to wipe out the large bands of enemy soldiers that approach. If you have applied all of the civilisation and research upgrades available, you will deal with these forces much easier than earlier.

Set the catapults to wipe out each enemy guard tower as it comes into view, and then the surrounding buildings. Use your army to protect your catapults, and once the area is clear, carry on up the hill. Once you demolish the enemy government centre at the top of the hill to the North of the map, victory will be yours!