This video walks through how to install Championship Manager 01/02 on MacOS, how to update the data, and how to patch the game for enhanced functionality.

I have put together this new approach using UTM and Windows XP because:

  1. this method is cost free
  2. due to DirectX errors on M2 series MacOS machines.

I cannot test on M2 - but I expect this methodology to work given the emulation of the entire OS.

Virtual Machine Installation

  1. Install a Windows XP Virtual Machine on MacOS using UTM
  2. Filesharing between Windows XP and MacOS using UTM

I will not go back over all of the information in the earlier series. The main difference other than the operating systems is that Nick’s patcher does not execute in Windows XP.


  1. CM 01/02 iso
  2. 3.9.68 Patch
  3. Data Update
  4. Tactics Packs
  5. Background Pack - caution with the ad spam on this link
  6. Tapanii Patch 2.22

Hope that you found this article useful. If you did, please let me know by giving kudos or comments below, or on the video.

Happy Championship Managering!!!!