The third of three home games at the beginning of the Premier League Season, none of which we’d have expected to win, though we would have hoped to steal a point or two out of Villa or Spurs - that was not to be.

Lineups - Burnley v Tottenham

Aspects of the performance were amongst the best we have seen this season so far, others amongst the most frustrating. The BBC call this performance a thrashing, I’d question if they actually watched the game. The statistics speak for themselves - the scoreline might be heavy, but this was a competitive game, in which Burnley created lots of chances.

BBC match statistics Burnley v Tottenham

Burnley dominated the beginning of the game, culminating in an early goal for Foster, off the back of Koleosho’s pace down the left wing.

The first Tottenham goal came from a very effective counter. Two on two Son was given far too much room at the back post, and punished us for it.

The second goal came from a weak clearance to Romero, not closed down on the edge of the penalty area, he put the ball in the far top corner of the net - leaving Trafford no chance. The timing was unfortunate, in injury time at the end of the first half.

The third goal came from James Maddison, very similar, left with far too much space around the D, he placed the ball in the opposite corner, again giving Trafford no chance. Such a shame that his obvious talent with the ball is degraded by his rather less talented theatrics whenever he loses it - something the referee was largely wise too, and while he did not reward it, he did not punish it either.

Fourth goal, the ball was played back to Son a little behind the penalty spot, who again left Trafford with no chance, putting the ball in that same corner.

Fifth goal, the ball was played in-front of Son from the halfway line, finding him near the D, this time beating Trafford at his near post.

The introduction of Jack Cork shortly after brought some solidity back to the centre of the pitch, and Burnley would dominate the final half-hour of the match. A couple of opportunities went unrewarded, before Josh Brownhill sliced the ball past Vicario, rolling in off the far post.

A few observations.

Our playing out from the back is too flat-footed - we are being pressed back onto our goal line, rather than effectively moving forward. So when we lose the ball, we lose it in dangerous positions.

At the other end of the pitch, we are not pressing the opposition, allowing them to build momentum from the back in a way that we currently cannot.

We give the ball away far too often - especially when we are moving forward, leaving us vulnerable to quick counter-attacks. And when we do so we are allowing very dangerous footballers far too much time and room on the ball - and we are being punished for it far too often.

Ironically, for Burnley, we keep getting caught out by long balls over the top too, so suspect our defence is committed too high up the pitch, without the pace that the attackers we are facing seem to have, to get back.

One thing is for sure - this is the most exciting team Burnley have had in many decades. Sort the defensive frailties out, and it will move up the table.

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