Burnley based, I run, ride online, climb rocks and mountains, and explore the world in our motorhome with my accomplice Vickie.

Expect lots of talk about running, virtual cycling on my Wattbike Atom (NG) on Rouvy, Burnley FC, retrogaming and code. Accompanied by lots of cute photographs of our podenco oriented family.

This page brings together my websites(lee-perry.co.uk, insiderrr.uk, macretro.co.uk), twitter and instagram together, driven by a single Hugo powered website, interfaced into Mastodon via activityPub (@lee@lee-perry.co.uk) and the wider fediverse through it’s micro.blog host and webmentions.


This Website is made using:
Framework - Hugo
Hosting - Micro.blog
Mobile Editor - Gluon
Archive Updates - MarsEdit
Analytics - Clicky / Tinylytics (beta)
Video Hosting - Youtube
Gaming - Crossover / OpenEMU
Photos - iPhone 13
Recording - TBC
Video Production - iMovie
Virtual Cycling - Rouvy / Wattbike Aton NG
Mountains - #summitbag


All views are exclusively and expressly my own. No liability accepted - use at your own risk.