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    Play Caesar III in Widescreen HD on MacOS using Julius project

    Video guide to setting up Caesar III to play natively on MacOS, in widescreen, using the open source Julius project. Why? The open source Julius project is a serious enhancement to Caesar III for play on MacOS Use natively from applications Full use of the screen Graphical enhancements Prerequisites A Caesar III install The Julius download, available from the project here Next steps I’ll return to this topic at some point to talk about the Augustus fork from this project.

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    How to play Caesar III on MacOS with M1 silicon

    Video and step by step walkthrough - how to install Caesar III ready to play using Crossover on MacOS with M1/M2 chips. Video » n.b. also see our guide to playing in widescreen hd natively on MacOS using the Julius project. Prerequisites Before getting started there are a couple of things that we need. First of all we need a copy of Caesar III ready to install. We recommend that you obtain the version that GOG have produced here.

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    Caesar III | Miletus - Fish or Cut Bait

    Read our guide to the Miletus mission in Caesar III. A largely peaceful province, Miletus is the first peaceful map on which it is necessary to develop armed forces, and to defend the city against invaders. This map also introduces fishing to the game for the first time. Our recent expansion in the east must continue, now that the Greeks have reluctantly joined our empire. You are to establish Miletus as a great new city.

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    Caesar III | Tarraco - Famine in the Empire

    The Tarraco mission in Caesar III recreates the beginnings of Roman colonisation of modern day Spain. This map is the first that is geographically challenging, with all of the farmland located across a river. There will be frequent requests from Caesar to dispatch food to the empire. Once again, I want you to found a new city. But the criteria for success are a little different this time. The Roman Empire is in crisis.

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    Caesar III | Capua - Your First Colony

    Capua is the first mission of the peaceful provinces in Caesar III after the two earlier tutorial maps. The map is much larger and the gameplay much less scripted. There mission instructions introduce the concept of sea trade, and of the dock. Caesar is at today's gladiator tournament, and is unable to see you himself. He asks me, his proconsul for Roma, to brief you on your next assignment. Now that you have proven your skills, you are to found a small city just South of Rome.

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    Caesar III | The New Governor - A Village is Born

    The New Governor is the first of two tutorial missions provided at the beginning of the career in Caesar III. The mission is very straightforward, and introduces many of the most basic aspects of city building, while walking the player through to conclusion. Read on to follow our approach to this map. "Let your governorial training begin!" bellows out the tutorial. Let your governorial training begin! First, you must learn the basics of constructing Roman settlements.

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    How to play old Windows games on macOS Catalina

    Here at MacRetro we are avid MacOS converts, but we spent much of our youth playing classic DOS and windows games, and still enjoy playing those classics from the 90s and 00s today. We started MacRetro as a way of showing others how to make classic Windows games work on modern Apple architecture. Until recently our preferred way of running classic Windows games was using the windows emulator WINE through the PlayOnMac emulator.

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    Caesar III HD Playthrough - 01 - The New Governor

    Caesar III Playthrough using PlayonMac/WINE Windows Emulator on MacOS/OSX, and HD patch. Level 1 – The New Governor