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    Quick 30 minute leg resistance session at GymGroup in Burnley.

    Reduced weights due to my right shin injury, but nothing in my workout applied any pressure to the injured area - so not gym acquired.

    Stats: ⏰ 26min / πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ 8,320kg / πŸ†0


    Gym Group - Burnley at sunset

    Quick core workout on #Freeletics, which I found pretty tough due to having zero co-ordination and minimal core strength.

    Still feel rib I broke a year ago too.

    #strength #conditioning #gymlife

    Doing press-ups for Freeletics challenge.

    Decided to supplement my gym run and ride routine with the body and free weight home training application Freeletics.

    Looking to establish an all round healthier routine around work, nutrition, fitness and resilience.

    #freeletics #gymLife