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    πŸ•πŸ“· Ears up, while Fearghus steals body warmth from Prof, Mustang. #podencos

    Podencos sofa surfing

    πŸ•πŸ“· Full house! all of our canine children, sitting patiently for snacks.


    Full house of podencos, and a pointer

    πŸ•πŸ“· Prof. Mustang has been really struggling for mobility - not improving, not degenerating.

    This week he started the monthly arthritis injection Librela. Hip movement seems much more stable, he’s more active, and has just been for his furthest walk in months.

    Pointer curled up in bed

    Cocooned in his new bed


    πŸ•πŸ“· A couple of photographs of Caoimhe from earlier in the week, making Mustang’s new memory foam bed her own.

    #podencos #podencoX #spanishRescueDog

    Caoimhe - Podenca / GSD nesting
    Caoimhe - Podenca / GSD nesting

    πŸ• Baby Fearghus loves Professor MooMin… so much so that he just sits on him until Moo overheats.

    #podencos #dogs

    Mustang in the Bluebells at Heald Wood. πŸ•

    #dogs #dailydog #pointer

    This time last year I took Steve McQueen. down to Pendle Water a few times for a beautiful last walk - he hung on for another four months with me.

    Mustang visiting Steve’s bluebells today.

    Dog and bluebells, Heald Wood, Burnley

    Full house in our zoo.


    Moomin in Disraeli Park in Burnley, with Burnley Bus Company’s Queensgate Depot beyond.


    #burnley #dogsofmastodon

    Pointer in Disraeli Park, Burnley

    Canine children from the archive. The original gang, Mustang, a very young Rocco Puppy, and Steve McQueen doing his lost sheep impression. 10 years ago today, in the Gardener’s Cottage at Aboyne Castle.

    Photo credit: badger.

    #dailydog #dogsofmastodon #onthisday


    Fearghus stealing hugs from MooMin this afternoon.

    #dailydog #dogs #podencos #officedogs


    March Photoblogging Challenge Day 09 - Theme: Together

    Watching Manchester United vs Real Betis, together.

    How many dogs in this shot from the office? It’s a full house…


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