Photographs taken out and about of places in Burnley, and the surrounding area:


Duke of York Apartments

Sitting near St Andrews Church, the Duke of York apartments is a prominent former public house, where Brierfield Road forks from the Colne Road in Burnley.

St Andrew’s Church

Sitting on a roundabout at the confluence of Colne Road and Brierfield Road, St. Andrew’s is a prominent view on the drive East out of Burnley. 1


Parks and Countryside

Heald Wood

Heald Wood is a steep strip of forest above Pendle Water, running parallel to Lower Manor Lane, with a good trail leading down to a footbridge across the river. 1 | 2

Leeds Liverpool Canal

The Leeds Liverpool meanders heavily through Burnley, entering from Foulridge, and leaving at Hapton. While that makes for a much longer walk through the town, it means that it is readily accessible from most areas of Burnley. 1


Turf Moor

The home of Burnley FC - Happy Place. Turf Moor