M Series MacOS

In June 2023 I rebuilt all of my earlier macretro Championship Manager 01/02 games, ready to play using Crossover on MacOS with M1/M2 ARM based chips, given that I still cannot get Playonmac to work properly on this architecture.

In August 2023 I filmed a new approach using a Windows XP virtual machine in UTM, because the software is no cost/lo cost and I had heard that Direct X was not working in Crossover on some M2 series machines.

UTM Windows XP Virtual Machine

  1. Creating a Windows XP Virtual Machine for retrogaming on MacOS
  2. Filesharing between a Windows XP Virtual Machine in UTM and MacOS
  3. Install and update Championship Manager 01/02 in a Windows XP Virtual Machine


  1. Install Championship Manager 01-02
  2. Patch Championship Manager 01-02 to 3.9.68
  3. Update Championship Manager 01-02 game data
  4. Update Championship Manager 01-02 background images
  5. Import Championship Manager 01-02 tactics packs
  6. Using Nick’s Patcher for Championship Manager 01-02

Intel Series MacOS

How to install Championship Manager 01/02 on MacOS Catalina
How to update CM0102 data on MacOS OSX
How Install Championship Manager 01/02 on Mac / Linux (CM0102) Updated


CM0102 - Fiorentina