All about virtual cycling on Rouvy to get fit, lose weight, and explore the world on my Wattbike without leaving the garage! It’s gRouvy!!!

Rouvy was the first virtual cycling application that I trialed after buying my first Kurt Kinetic Rock ‘n Roll turbo trainer back in 2019. I’d used Rouvy on and off for a couple of years but fell out of love with it - first when races for career mode began to require a smart trainer. I wanted to give Rouvy another go around March 2021, but a problem with the video engine meant that I experienced vibrating video - strangely on everything I tried MacOS, iPadOS, TVOS, and even e wee attempt on cough Windows cough.

I checked in on Rouvy every couple of months until by an off chance at the end of April 2023 I noticed that a second video engine had been added, and actually, both video engines ran as smooth as custard. Sadly the run module in Rouvy seems to have been deprecated, which I had thought had good potential. I’ll still be racing on Zwift also, but I have treated myself to a years Rouvy subscription.

I’ll be linking relevant articles to this page as I make my way through all things Rouvy.

  1. Roundup
  2. Guides
  3. Wishlist
  4. Workouts
  5. Routes
  6. Events
  7. Challenges


In my view:

  • Fulgaz has the best virtual cycling videos on the market
  • Zwift has the best gamification model, and events calendar
  • Wahoo RGT has the most realistic dynamics model
  • Rouvy potentially has the best combination though of all of those factors.

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Rouvy Companion

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  1. Apple ID login on Apple TV / MacOS
  2. Workouts to also transmit gpx/fit data to Strava
  3. Panoramic view - option to view in 16:9 on any screen, accepting the letterboxing that creates.

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Vacation in Vietnam | EASY

Ride 1: Tuy Hoa - Vung Ro Bay | Phu Yen | Vietnam
Ride 2: Ha Giang downhill | Vietnam
Ride 3: Ninh Binh | Vietnam

The Classics | Medium

Ride 1: Challenge Samorin | The Championship 30 km
Ride 2: Challenge Peguera Mallorca | Spain 40 km
Ride 3: DATEV Challenge Roth | Germany 40 km

Tour de South Africa | Easy

Ride 1: Clarence Drive | Whale Coast Route | South Africa
Ride 2: Misty Cliffs | South Africa Ride 3: Knysna to Sedgefield | South Africa

Brazilian Adventures | Easy

Ride 1: Ponte Hercílio Luz | Florianópolis | Brazil
Ride 2: L’Etape Brasil | Short Route 22km
Ride 3: Praia da Pajuçara | Maceió | Brazil
Ride 4: Lagoa da Pampulha | Belo Horizonte | Brazil

Welcome Challenge

Task No 1: Just Ride
Task No 2: Workout
Task No 3: Time Trial

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